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Full Time
The fulltime candidate is recruited from various sources with the understanding that he/she will be presented to the client for immediate placement as the client’s W2 employee. In this scenario, AEC acts only as a search tool.
Contract employees are used only for temporary assignments and AEC Group charges on an hourly time & material basis. They are normally classified as a W2 employee of AEC. In extraordinary circumstances a consultant can also work on a temporary (1099) basis. Regardless of employee status, the AEC payrolls these individuals.
The Contract-to-Hire candidate is a hybrid of the Fulltime and the Contract classifications. AEC Group is retained to ultimately find a W2 employee for its client. The main difference is that the client requests a “trial period” in the form of a contract to see if the candidate is actually a good fit. Again, this candidate is a W2 employee of AEC, but in this case the candidate must be willing to consider fulltime employment should the offer be made by the client.